LIVE Online Japanese tutoring in London ON

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You can learn Japanese at home from a Japanese teacher who has many years of experience as a teacher.

LIVE Online Japanese tutoring in London ON

From beginners who are new to Japanese to intermediates who can speak everyday conversation in the language as well as people who want to use advanced Japanese at work.

Konnichiwa こんにちは
I am offering online Japanese tutoring in London Ontario Canada. I am a native Japanese speaker, and living in London with my family. My daughter is bilingual with English and Japanese, and she feels the benefit of being bilingual.
I am a qualified for tutoring Japanese language. I have completed the studies for the 420 hour Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese Language Course.
Also, I was working as an elementary school teacher at Japanese elementary school on Saturdays for many years in London Ontario. I was teaching Japanese language, arithmetic, science, society, and Japanese culture to Japanese children.
Some of my former Canadian students went to Japan and stay there as English teacher. One student is now university student in Japan. I sometime plan lunch gathering with my Canadian students and Japanese students in London. The purpose of the lunch gathering to make new friends, and knowing Canadian culture and Japanese culture. I am glad that I am still contacting these my former Canadian students.

I have been offering Japanese language tutoring service in London Ontario for many years.

From 2020-NOW:

I am tutoring Canadian students with Skype or Zoom as one-on-one lessons or group lessons. I prepare teaching materials by using PowerPoint, and word. I convert PowerPoint presentation to PDF document, so that my students can print out PDF for each lesson. I discuss with my students and find out what is the student’s needs. I tutor conversation, reading and writing, vocabulary, grammar. I discuss topics about Japanese culture and current issues with students. I use textbooks such as Japanese for busy people, Genki and so on. I also help students to prepare Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

My current students:
Students R and R: I am tutoring a couple, and both of them are beginners. They are interested in learning casual conversation.
Student T: This student wants to improve the language skills faster, so learning with me 2 times a week.
Student S and T: I am tutoring a couple, and both of them are beginners. They also are interested in learning conversational Japanese, and also some reading and writing.
Student A: This student enjoy learning conversational Japanese and culture.
Student K: This student knows already a lot about Japanese language. He would like to improve his speaking skill.

From 2005 September-2017:

I was tutoring Japanese several Canadians every Wednesday and Thursday at local library as one-on-one bases. I was using textbooks such as Japanese for busy people. I was also helping them to prepare Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 N4 N3 N2.

Japanese language classes in London Ontario

I tutor students
AGE: 12 and UP, who can focus lessons
WHERE : Online – Skype, or Zoom

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
MORNING 9:00am-10:00am:
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EVENING 7:00pm-8:00pm:
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Testimonial from my past student

I’ve had the privilege of taking Japanese lessons from Takako-­sensei for the past three years. From the very beginning,Takako­-sensei has been essential in the development of my Japanese language skills. Over the course of three years I have worked my way up from being an absolute beginner to an upper intermediate level student. We worked through several useful textbooks which helped develop my understanding of grammar, sentence structure, verb conjugations, particle usage, the difference between everyday, casual, and formal Japanese, as well as all sorts of other essential info. After a year of lessons with Takako­-sensei, I applied to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in Toronto and passed due to the preparation and instruction she provided me. Takako-sensei was also very helpful in teaching me about the regional differences of spoken Japanese, and provided examples of how it can differ from location to location. Additionally, she helped teach me some of the subtle differences between how the language is spoken by men and women, so that my Japanese would sound more natural. The only reason that I am ending my lessons after three years is that I am now a certified English teacher and I am moving to Japan to help others in their pursuit of the English language. I know that my time and preparation spent under her tutelage will enable me to thrive in my new home, just outside of Tokyo. If you are in need of a Japanese teacher, regardless of your level, I would highly recommend Takako-­sensei.
2016. January 26.

Lunch Gathering

I open Lunch Gathering for Japanese international students, Japanese residents, and Canadian residents who love Japanese culture. This Lunch Gathering is a great opportunity to make new friends, and exchange information about Japan and Canada.






Question to Canadian students

Q.What do you want to do in Japan? Your favorite Japanese things?






Question to Japanese international students






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